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This photo shows the full burn are of the Hayden Pass fire looking west. Photo by Steve Sunday, USFS Leadville Ranger District.
This photo shows the full burn area of the Hayden Pass fire looking west. Photo by Steve Sunday, USFS Leadville Ranger District.

Brent Adams, field operations manager with the Colorado Trail at the site of the proposed Field Operations Center in Poncha Springs. Photo by Tyler Grimes.

Mile for mile the beautiful trail in America,” boasts the Colorado Trail Foundation (CTF) of the 468-mile trail between Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango. Thousands hike the free-to-the-public trail, some day users, others straight through. “In 2015, there were 230 known CT completers, a hodgepodge of multi-year section doers and thru-travelers: hike, bike and horse,” said Bill Manning, CTF Executive Director. The CT spans five national forests through 11 ranger districts and six wilderness areas, climbing from a mile high to over 13,000 feet. “Trips range from less than an hour to more than a month,” said Manning. “Possibly the most engaged users are the thru-hikers striving to see all 486 miles in a single trip.” Read more


All Aboard the Southwest Chief from Pueblo?

“A review by BNSF Railway of needed infrastructure improvements to support that service would be complete before Christmas,” said Ray Lang of AMTRAK. He gave that quote at a Southwest Chief Commission meeting to the Colorado Association of Railroad Passengers.

The folks in Pueblo have worked for several years to make passenger trains again pull out of the lovely old Union Depot (the one with the giant bronze nude statue of Diana in front).

Just a few years back the whole train was in jeopardy. The Chief runs over rail installed in the 1950s by the Santa Fe in Colorado, New Mexico and Kansas. It was worn-out jointed rail. That’s what led several cities along the way, involving all three states, to see what could be done. Read more

A True Champion

tom-sobal-post-snowshoe-raceIn my book, what really sets the greatest athletes apart from the really good ones is what they do off the field of play with the skills they developed through sports.

Recently, when I was asked to introduce my good friend Tom Sobal to the Leadville-Lake County Sports Hall of Fame, I began to research his athletic accomplishments in order to prepare a short speech. The thing most striking to me was how Tom’s community efforts were just as impressive as his achievements in running, pack-burro racing and snowshoeing.

Many years ago I wrote in Rocky Mountain Sports magazine that like many other explorers before him, Tom Sobal rolled into Leadville over Mosquito Pass. He pitched his tent in the highest valley in the Arkansas River drainage and he began prospecting. Read more


Cut My Hair

Not long ago, I was dining out with a friendly group of Republicans who went on and on about the glories of the Reagan years. It’s difficult to stay quiet on this topic if you actually lived in the Reagan years and paid attention. But, before I could give the discussion a booster shot of reality, before getting to the Reagan-guided deregulation of financial systems that laid the foundation for a greed-and-bubble economy, or the Iran Contra Affair in which Reagan “knew in his heart” that he did the right thing even though it was a felony, or before I could get to the bulging taxes and deficits and expansive militarism of Reagan’s actual term in office, a song came over the radio in the cafe … Read more