Poetry – the calculus of you

the calculus of you

By Aaron Abeyta, Antonito, CO

a balloon is rising at the rate of 5ft/s
a boy is cycling along a straight road at a speed of 15ft/s
when he passes under the balloon it is 45 ft above him
how fast is the distance between the balloon
and the boy increasing 3 seconds later

something inside of me says to solve for X
where X is the distance
between the boy and the balloon
and i am the boy and you are
the balloon and therefore Y

i must set both to 0 because i
am looking for something 3 seconds
from now   like a moment after you
turn away but before the perpetuity
of the instant before you leave

i wonder stupid things
like what color is my bike
and of course it matters
what season we are in because
i somehow love you more in spring

yes   the road is straight
but is it paved
i know it can’t be
because our love is old and sometimes
i compare it to the moon

in short   there are too
many variables to the
way i love you    so
i wonder is this really
a love poem

you   after all are ascending away
from me at a rate which has been
determined to be 5 ft/sec and therefore
15 feet further away 3 seconds
after i began chasing you

me   i’m traveling at 15 ft/sec
which means i am moving
faster than you   which
insures that this is
in fact   a love poem

because i’ve also
read about the horizon
and something forgiving
inside of me also whispers

this is just another
way for me to say
that i love you
and though it is longing now
i ride   i ride

i ride so that i
will hold you
somewhere in a spring field
whose specks of green
are barely visible

but this doesn’t answer
how fast the distance between
the boy and the balloon is increasing
so i remind myself of the horizon
of gravity   of how much i love you

so that my love becomes
something like this   where
distance is called D
though D is temporary
and because this is still calculus

we divide the temporary by how
fast i am pedaling and factor in
the rotation of the earth
and i love the earth too because it
makes what i am about to say possible

the distance of the balloon
multiplied by spring    divided by
the dirt road factored into
the earth’s spinning which is 800 mph
because i’m not at the equator

is just another way of
saying that i am riding my bike
because i love you
and in case you care i’ve made my heart
into a metronome to pace my pedaling

i know my professor will mark this wrong
but by my calculations
you   the balloon   and me
the boy   are not getting
further apart

in fact  i’ve determined that you
will enter into my arms
at pt Z in exactly
the time it takes for me
to pedal there