About the Cover Artist – Hal Walter

Colorado Central readers best know Hal Walter as an essayist and columnist, but he actually began his career in journalism as a photographer. Over the years his photos have appeared in several national and regional publications, including a recent cover for the inaugural issue of Local Food Shift, and of course, Colorado Central Magazine. On this month’s cover, he captured happy burros Laredo and Full Tilt Boogie at sundown with their noses coated with molasses from a delicious mineral lick. Hal is the father of an autistic son, Harrison, and the author of the book Full Tilt Boogie – A journey into autism, fatherhood, and an epic test of man and beast.

Photo by Nancy Best
Photo by Nancy Best








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  1. Cool beans! We live a bit south of Colorado City/Rye. While I sat on the sofa, in our little shack on a 35-acre parcel of a usually- mostly-quiet prairie, attempting to hear the content of some inane t.v. program that was being drowned out, or maybe more acurately, *droned out*, by the almost regular sounds of military jets over our heads. This experience was by no stretch *new* to my husband, John, and me, but it was, in our 3-plus years of living here against the Wet Mountains, the *worst* display of what I consider a flagrant abuse of an already *Bogarted airspace by the very military presence within my State, in an increasingly military USA, within a seemingly more ubiquitously military Global Condition. More than a little irritated by these sounds overhead, driving home to me my general unhappiness with said evolution into a growing culture of a seemingly mindlessly military movement in the general populace, I’d almost *militantly reached for my smart phone, in order to Google *What’s up with being buzzed by military jets out in the wilderness of South Colorado?* ; and that was how I’d only tonight stumbled onto your article/s, and I’ve been reading them all, and I’m a fan. Thank you.

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