Q&A with Grant Prill – Chef and Co-owner at The Fritz in Salida

Colorado Central: What’s your background in the food business?

Grant Prill: I started working at a restaurant in Fort Collins when I was in high school. I had wanted to live in California since I was a kid, so I decided to go to the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco right after high school.

CC: What prompted you to move to and open a restaurant in Salida?

Grant Prill.
Grant Prill.

Grant: I was living in Hollywood, Ca. and happened to be going to visit my parents in Fort Collins for a few weeks for my birthday, and my now-business partner, Brett Ziehmke, called and asked if I wanted to swing by Salida on the way and check out a little restaurant on Sackett Avenue that was available. He was very convincing that we had a good recipe for success. The rest is history.

CC: Can you name some of your favorite restaurants and/or chefs?

Grant: Too many restaurants to list but I love French food, so if there is a nice French restaurant, I’m going! Joel Robuchon, Thomas Keller, David Chang, Ferran Adrià, Éric Ripert, Daniel Boulud and a bunch more. So many great chefs out there!

CC: What ‘s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had?

Grant: I ate at L’atelier de Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas and had a great meal. It’s French food in a Sushi bar setting – they make the food right in front of you. Vegas has some amazing restaurants and I have eaten some great meals there.

CC: What inspires you?

Grant: Going out to eat really gets me jazzed about food, but going fishing with my girlfriend Stephanie really gets me excited about food, too. Sometimes you need to get outside and go somewhere quiet with good company to clear your mind and focus on putting dishes together and what works in a restaurant setting.

CC: Tell us about your bone marrow offerings.

Grant: We get our own local, grass-fed cows from the Bradys right outside of town. I know they put their heart and soul into those cows, so I want to be able to use all the parts of the cow – from the heart to the tongue to the bone marrow. When people order the bone marrow, it’s kind of a little club. When someone orders it, you kind of look at each other and know that they know something too! It’s very good and should be tried by everyone, in my opinion.

CC: You seem to have hit upon a good mix of locals as well as tourists. Was that intentional?

Grant: We definitely tried and still try as best we can to take care of the locals – they are our best advertisement. If someone asks a local walking down the street where to eat and they say The Fritz, that is a big compliment to us.

CC: Do you have a personal favorite dish at The Fritz?

Grant: I’ve always loved the Prosciutto and Manchego Sandwich with Pears and Aioli. When I made it up years ago, I ate it for lunch for six months straight. It’s kind of my go-to. And I love the Roasted Eggplant with Basil Ricotta and Tomatoes.

CC: As one of the few restaurants in Salida to offer late-night bites, when do you sleep?

Grant: Trying to make time for other things outside of the restaurant and getting sleep is always a fine line; it’s also hard to go to sleep right after you get out of work, so if I get six hours or so I’m pretty content.

CC: Any advice for someone who wants to open their own restaurant?

Grant: Advice for someone wanting to start a restaurant? A)Don’t do it. B) If you are crazy enough to do it, be ready to miss holidays, family time, weekends, and many other things. It constantly needs attention. Something is always happening at a restaurant!

CC: Who is Fritz

Grant: Fritz is Brett’s dog. He is still alive and well and hopefully will be for a long, long time! ?


The Fritz, 113 E .Sackett, Salida, 719-539-0364


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  1. We were glad that the desk clerk at The Palace Hotel enthusiastically recommended The Fritz to us. She said she was going there herself for dinner as soon as she got off from work! Great to hear this story behind it, and we look forward to eating at The Fritz on our next visit to Salida.

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