The Fremont Connection

Residents of Fremont County can now log on to a new community website for news, issues, opinions as well as cultural content and other items of interest.

Fremont Connection is the brainchild of Kristina Lins, Bob and Kay Parker, Dan Grenard and Gloria Stultz, who felt the county was not well enough served by the local media and decided to take matters into their own keyboards. The team has been working on the concept since last fall and launched the site in early April. The website is quickly gaining readership as well as contributors and offers a variety of content aimed at, but not exclusively for, Fremont County residents.

There is an ongoing mix of local interest stories which range from flora and fauna to history of the region. Events and issues in the county are critical, from the design and construction of the new Cañon City Library addition, to the new location of the Dinosaur Museum, to the projected closing of the Coaldale Post Office. The team also works to keep readers informed of local and regional leaders’ activities and hold them accountable for their actions. Even national issues where they have a local interest are covered. Area events are posted along with descriptions and dates. There are links to area resources, an announcements section, updated weather and an “Issues” section featuring topics from business to sustainability.

“The founders of the Salida Citizen, Bill Donovan and especially Trey Beck have been key in helping us work through the technical bugs and to fine tune our mission,” said Lins.

The website is a labor of love as there is presently no revenue generation function on the site, just content. In the near future very limited advertising will be introduced. There are also multiple feedback options in the form of direct comments to articles posted, letters to the editor, as well as an open invitation for contributions to the site. Fremont Connection can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.